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Hetalia Drinking Game: Allies
America Drinking Game
Take a drink every time:
1. Use of "I'M THE HERO!"
2. A hamburger is mentioned/he is eating one
3. Florida is mentioned
4. He is paired with England (bonus if there's FrUk fans bitching in the comments)
5. He is paired with Japan
6. He is paired with Belarus
7. He is paired with Russia
8. Texas/Nantucket are mentioned
9. Someone gives him hell about the Revolutionary War
10. McDonald's is mentioned (Bonus points if it's fanart including Ronald McDonald)
11. Wild West America is depicted as younger than Revolutionary War America
12. Any of his character songs are mentioned
13. Someone calls him fat
14. Someone calls him stupid (Bonus points if it's England screaming "BAKA!")
15. He forgets Canada (wait, who?)
16. Fanart shows him with an eagle
17. His famous laugh is mentioned
18. An America AMV has a country song (bonus points if it's by Carrie Underwood)
19. An America AMV uses American Idiot (Green Day)
20. An America AMV uses Hero (Skillet)
21. An Americ
:iconhetaliafreak345:HetaliaFreak345 839 348
GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,119 12,972 BATIM Poster Design :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 2,787 0 Butter. :iconxwesterners-arux:XWesterners-aruX 9 10
Open Seat: Sweden x Reader
Open Seat: Sweden x Reader
    You looked around the room for a minute before you noticed Sweden, which made you remember that you had some paperwork concerning a trading agreement to give to him.
    After pulling out the paperwork, you began walking over to him. He was way over on the other end of the room, and since this room has to hold every single country all at once, it was a decent walk. It was during this walk that you started to day-dream a bit, the topic being Sweden. No, it wasn't about your trading agreement, but about just how huge of a crush you have on him.
    'Why does he have to be so cute?' You dreamily thought to yourself. Like Russia, he scared the living hell out most people, but he did have some friends. Those friends consisted of the other Nordic countries, Sealand, and you. You had to thank Finland for introducing you to him. It was shortly after you had made an alliance with Finland when he decided to introduce you to the rest of
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 519 176
My three morons - BTTxReader
“Who’s that?” was the principle murmur of curiosity and slight unsureness I heard as I stepped down the hallways. Naturally, no one here had any idea who I was; this wasn’t my school and it was the first time I’d ever even set foot in this facility. I glanced around at all the students in their uniforms and I would have to be honest and say that I didn’t envy them in that regard. Being forced to wear clothes not truly your own. Ugh! Very much against me.
I adjusted my hat slightly as I continued down my path, shoes clicking slightly against the tiled flooring. I’d been walking around here for several minutes now and I still hadn’t found the three I was looking for. I blamed it on being unfamiliar with the building’s layout.
“Now, now mesdames, there’s no need to push.” Target one detected.
I rounded a corner and saw a sight I had been freed of for quite a while and thankfully so: Francis surrounded by a plet
:iconsuperqatargirl:SuperQatarGirl 221 46
Too Many Ponies: 'Create Your OC' Edition [Flash] :icon4as:4as 4,378 1,523 Tribute Demo :iconmieuchan:MieuChan 381 51 Legend of Zelda :iconaste17:Aste17 323 21 Double Star Animated :iconsgtwaflez:sgtwaflez 77 16 Prussia. :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 49 0
.:Don't Tell Kiku:. {Japan x Drunk!Reader}
A/N: This is my first fanfiction, so please no hate comments! Tell me in the comments if I did good.

Warnings: Fuff(?) and kind of short

{Kiku's P.O.V}
    I sigh as I get out of my car. All I have to do is get (First Name), and get out of there. It won't be easy though. (First Name) isn't the one to get drunk, but if she did, she said all sorts of weird things. Sometimes, I don't know that girl...
"100 bottles of beer on the wall, one bottles of beer. Take on down, pass it around, 99 bottles of beer on the wall!" I hear (First Name) along with Ludwig and Gilbert sing.
    I open the doors to the bar to see (First Name) standing on a table, with a bottle of beer in her right hand, singing louder than the other people.How can someone as beautiful as (First Name) be so... odd when drunk?
"Yao!~" She yelled, running up to me. "How are *hic* you?" She asked. Really? She thought I was Yao? I mentally facepalm and s
:iconwish4awish:Wish4aWish 136 56
Lithuania x Reader, REQUEST
There were many things that were difficult about college, and one of those things was not living at home. You had heard of the many horrors of the dorm living, and with your mother working in a completely different state, you had to drive up all by yourself, with a shitload of stuff for your dorm room.
If the dorms were really as tiny as rumors said, then you had no idea how you were going to both move everything in and organize everything.
And your roommate! It was some girl named Circe, whom you had tried to talk to throughout the entire summer, but she had been so standoffish. You two had organized nothing together, so you had just decided to bring everything of you thought you’d need and not let the awful bitch use any of it. Whatever. It wasn’t as if you had to be her best friend or anything.
You parked your truck in the designate parking lot for your building—a twelve-story “high-rise”—and you thanked your lucky stars that you were only on floo
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 49 30
My new artstyle ~ :iconmiyajiyukki:MiyajiYukki 65 9
~Sick Days~ Norway x Sick!Reader
Being sick sucks. And sure as hell does (y/n) know this. Due to Alfred, (Y/n) was now sick and lying on her back in her bed, the covers over her head. She hadn’t been able to attend the world meeting that was going on the exact same day due to her sickness.
Her throat was dry and scratchy and she was regretting not getting them pulled out. Her forehead was burning up and she was practically sweating an ocean. (y/n) sighed before rolling over on her side and turning on the tv which immediately blurted “HEAD NOT THE REBELS THAT SCREAM REVOLUTION-” She didn’t need Seabury’s shit right now.
(Y/n) closed the t.v. immediately after that and started to sheepishly sit up in her bed. She heard a knock on the door but was too lazy to get up and get it. She suddenly heard the door hitting the (color) wall causing her to jolt upright.
Being the scaredy cat she was, she quickly hid under the blanket and put her face under the pillow. (Y/N) heard the door silently creak
:iconpistachiolord:PistachioLord 6 1
[Fusion] Tyhaunt :iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 18 13



I need to do something with my life
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It’s raining there’s going to be ice everywhere tomorrow
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On top of that, why are the people on Google+ more caring than the people on Deviantart? Am I that unlikable here? If so, I’ll just deactivate my account....


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Reader Inserts
It's exactly how it sounds. Though if you request a character I'm not familiar with, it will take a while for me to get it done as I have to study up on them. Please be specific with what you want, but don't be picky. I'm not the best writer, so please appreciate my efforts.


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